Introduction Edit

John was one of the very first members of the Original Newb Crew along with Dstuff, Newfie, Aydin, and JJ. John has been there until the very end, and a very close friend of Dstuff, as well as the founder of Team Tango. He has had multiple channels over the years, with his voice getting progressively deeper in each video.

History Edit

As a wee lad, John frequented a Minecraft server known as "Camelcraft" with his friend Ryan. One day, Dstuff and Mike decided one day to join the server to record a video, and asked people on the server to join them. John and Ryan joined their skype call and the group hit it off. Eventually Ryan and Mike stopped getting online, leaving John, Dstuff and the others to form the crew.

Facts Edit

John is a master rocket ship builder and rubikboi. He frequently makes purposefully cringy videos on his channel. He is also part of the aryan race, and Hitler's grandson.

Channels Edit


Jonathan1156 (Defunct) (2011)


TremerGaming (2012)


JonCodec (2013+)